Artist Scam Update- yes, it is real.

I received this information from Artists info in the UK. - Global Art Directory Artist Scam Update IT’S A REAL SCAM.......Don’t get caught So far we have saved around 30 Artists falling for this man and his scam Contact the Action Fraud helpline if you have had emails or do receive emails from [...]

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Latest Pet Impression

Oliver and Scooter This is my latest Pet Impression of Oliver and Scooter. They are best buds and Scooter is the younger one.  I was lucky enough to meet them before painting them.  I love connecting with your pets before I capture my impression of them. Enjoy

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Lawren Harris at the VAG

I had the pleasure of viewing the exhibition on Lawren Harris' work.  A collection covering his entire career.  The exhibition is powerful and enlightening, at least my opinion.  I found his drawings fascinating;  free flowing line, refined by using darker line to create a pattern on which his abstracts developed from.  The essence of the [...]

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I very much enjoyed your course, felt very encouraged. You provide a good environment to learn and be brave.

Heather M. North Vancouver

Good handouts, good for all levels, fun and relaxing.

Peri N New Westminster

Very good presentation and loved the amount of one on one time within the class. I would sign up for another workshop with Marney-Rose in a heartbeat!

Sherry T. Calgary AB

The method of painting the backgrounds was great. The great greens from using Payne's gray with out pigments. The brushes are great.

Rosemary B Calgary, AB

There was a lot of value added elements in our workshop, Marney! Thank you.

Caran M. Calgary AB

Great pace! Wonderful learning experience! - Very positive and friendly.

Sheila M. Calgary AB


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